Pattern: Periodic Checkups

Frequently reassess vision and objectives to ensure these remain the correct direction to proceed as the business environment shifts

The company is immersed in the new and changing environment of cloud native.Goals and strategy are set, the Core Team is underway, and the transformation is going full speed ahead. But the business goals might be changing as the environment changes.

In This Context

Teams focused solely on execution without pausing to assess and re appraise the direction they’re going in might achieve what they originally planned—but not what they ultimately needed, because circumstances changed along the way.
• Teams tend to work by creating strategy, choosing a direction, and then continuing on without reviewing changes in environment or goals.
• Visions and plans require adjustment to meet real-world conditions. In the words of German military strategist Helmuth von Moltke, “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”
• Cloud native ecosystem changes quickly, with new tech emerging all the time.
• It is impossible to predict what the cloud native world will look like in a year.
• Under delivery pressure, teams don’t have a chance to look around them, only straight ahead.
• The process itself may require adjustments as the team matures.


Make sure that you and your team are still on the right path. Assess the current situation with regard to initial strategic decisions.
• Run a gap analysis assessment every month during the transformation.
• Have a standard assessment template.
• Invite independent experts to provide a second opinion.


The Core Team meets regularly to assess current conditions and can adjust direction as circumstances require.
+ Time to reflect and celebrate progress.
- Frequent adjustments may distract from overall delivery.