Patterns Library

Designs to help map a Cloud Native transformation

Pattern Families

You don’t need to know much, if anything, about the cloud to use Cloud Native patterns. When designing a house, you tell the architect what you want—but that doesn’t mean you have to build it yourself. Patterns are just high-level plans for what you want to create.

We’ve organized Cloud Native patterns into four different families. Patterns from these different groups can be applied at any point in a transformation design, or patterns within a single family can be used to drill down and create a very detailed design for a particular stage in a transformation initiative. (For instance: Strategy & Risk Reduction patterns might be most useful in the early planning stages of a transformation.)

Strategy & Risk ReductionStrategy & Risk Reduction

Organization & CultureOrganization & Culture

Development & DesignDevelopment & Design

Infrastructure & CloudInfrastructure & Cloud