Cloud Native Transformation Patterns

Tools for creating effective Cloud Native architecture—and remaking the way we work

What are Cloud Native Patterns?

When it comes to Cloud Native, most of us are junior. The technology is so new, and our understanding of the architecture is constantly evolving. Sharing our rapidly growing knowledge is essential. Creating Cloud Native-specific patterns is a way to name the things we are learning as developers, engineers, and technology managers so we can talk to each other more effectively. As we learn and continue, the patterns will evolve and improve alongside our understanding.

Patterns are not a hack. They are not a quick and easy way to solve difficult problems without careful thought. Instead, they are a language for sharing context-specific working solutions. And here is the place to find and explore Cloud Native patterns–and, soon, share some of your own. This site is intended to be the home of a Cloud Native patterns community, the place to explore existing patterns and collaborate on creating new ones. We openly welcome questions, conversation, and contributions!

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Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation

Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation

This website grew from this newly published book from O’Reilly: 78 Cloud Native patterns covering everything from Microservices Architecture to CN DevOps to becoming a responsive Learning Organization that can innovate to adjust to any kind of future. Books are so final, though, and so we sponsored this website to provide a living, evolving patterns repository that grows along with our knowledge and understanding.

Here you will find not just the newest patterns as they continue to emerge, but also an online community for discussing, creating and improving them. We are inviting people from across the industry, thought leaders and influencers but most importantly everyday engineers and managers—those out there working elbows-deep in Cloud Native code and architecture—to contribute and participate.

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You can preview the book by downloading a free 75-page excerpt here

Read the book

Read the book

Going Cloud Native can be a big advantage, but it’s tough to get right. This practical approach to transformation offers patterns to guide your initiative, whether moving from legacy architectures or creating new systems from scratch.

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Take a workshop

Groups can jump-start their knowledge of Cloud Native with a half-day workshop. Facilitators lead hands-on exploration of CN concepts, using patterns cards to create a high-level roadmap for a successful transformation.

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