Pattern: Data-Driven Decision Making

Collect data, extract patterns and facts, and use them to make inferences to drive objective decision making

Data-Driven Decision Making

A company is moving to cloud native and sees the complexity and number of components growing exponentially. Each component is built separately. Competitors are changing products on a daily basis.

In This Context

Managers make decisions based on their expectations from previous experience,which might not apply in the new and unknown environment of a cloud native system.


Make product decisions based on data collected from actual users (observability,measure what matters).Data can be collected automatically by embedding the data collection tools into theplatform and all applications before they are released to customers. However, developers need to be careful not to be overly reliant on, or trusting of, user feedback/data.Users often don’t know what they want, especially in regards to radical innovation.


The team can quickly make decisions based on objective measurements.