Pattern: Ongoing Education

Continuously introduce new ways and improve existing ones to help teams continually develop their cloud native knowledge and skills

Ongoing Education

The company is moving to cloud native, and some teams have never worked with cloud native technology or processes. In their previous environment, knowledge and learning were reasonably stable and linear (learn a bit and exploit the knowledge a lot).Other teams are already deep into building the cloud native platform or microservices and so have gained basic cloud native knowledge, but still are not advanced enough to support the entire transformation.

In This Context

People are joining the organization’s cloud native initiative without fully understanding the possibilities it offers or the wide variety of solutions available. New technology is introduced all the time that renders current tools and techniques out of date. When this happens, productivity suffers, and change slows down.


Build and continuously run an education program about cloud native for everyone in the company, from basic education for newly onboarded or new joiners to continuous and more advanced trainings for more experienced engineers.


Team knowledge is constantly refreshed and updated.