Pattern: Co-Located Teams

Teams that work together in person develop naturally closer relationships and better collaborative problem-solving abilities, which in turn nurtures greater innovation

Co-Located Teams

An organization that is moving to cloud native has multiple offices and office buildings.Teams that are targeted to move to cloud native have individual members located in multiple physical locations.

In This Context

When team members are located in different places, they tend to communicate less and focus on their jobs rather than personal relationships. This hobbles team problem-solving, because individuals will attempt to solve problems separately and then contribute that solution back to the team—rather than solving them collaboratively with teammates.


All members of a given dev team will work in the same physical location and meetdaily.All meetings and collaboration will be first done using whiteboards, pen and paper,etc. Teams will be chosen based on location. If the team is in the same office, then move the members to sit at adjacent desks.


High level of trust and proximity naturally increases collaboration.