Pattern: Self Service

In cloud native everyone can do their own provisioning and deployment with no handoffs between teams

Self Service

The company is moving from Waterfall/Agile and, within a structure of separate operations and development teams, is aiming to set up microservices, CD, and public(or private) cloud. Teams are running many experiments and PoCs and aiming to reduce the cost of experimentation.

In This Context

In traditional organizations, provisioning hardware or doing maintenance work requires filling out a form, sending it to Ops, and waiting for them to do it on your behalf. Each handover creates a delay of hours, days, even weeks, and this slows down the entire system. This process also discourages frequent releases from developers to production, and without that there is no Continuous Delivery (CD),no learning loop from delivering to customers and receiving feedback.


Across the company, everything related to software development should be self service:everyone should be able to provision infrastructure or deploy their applications on their own without handoff to another team.Self-Service is the requirement—Automate Everything is the way you achieve that.


Whenever anyone needs something done, they can do it on their own without handing off to Ops.