Pattern: Developer Starter Pack

Provide a “starter kit” of materials, guides, and other resources to help new teamsonboard to the new cloud native system quickly and with confidence

The new cloud native platform is approaching production-ready status, and it’s time to begin onboarding teams.

In This Context

Teams onboarding to cloud native don’t know the tools or technologies and typically receive poor onboarding materials. At best, this leads to wasted time, and at worst, teams are forced to create their own cloud native practices, which are uninformed,not designed for this platform, and not uniform.
• There are limited publicly available materials.
• People will use known techniques if they are not provided with clear guidance to new ones.
• If teams are onboarded with insufficient training, they will overload the support team with requests for help.
• People tend to accept default choices, so giving them good defaults increases overall quality.


Provide developers onboarding to cloud native everything they need to start working immediately.Optimally, new developers should be able to commit their first change and deploy it to the test environment on the first day following the onboarding.
• This cloud native “starter kit” of materials should include tool configurations,version control repository, CI/CD pipelines, demo applications for practice, targetplatform description, trainings, and more.
• All of this needs to be prepared before the next step of onboarding.


Cloud native practices are adopted as the Core Team has planned, and there is consistency.
+ Less work and fewer problems for the Core Team after onboarding, because the newly onboarded developers have the tools and confidence to solve their own problems.
- Less freedom for learning by doing for the dev teams.